Galleries Lafayette Le Gourmet Saturday Market

Inspired by Galeries Lafayette Specialty store products, product variety and quality. 

Saturday Market is featuring generous selection of products every Saturday, from 10am-2pm, with complimentary tastings and live recipe showcasing the best.

ProductS exposure:

* Grocery high end products (Olive oil, Truffle oil,

* Cheese market: selected products from Italy, Spain, France

* Coffee corner: Homemade Roasted Ethiopian coffee

* Spices: Selection of spices from Morocco

* Honey selection

* Russian Caviar : Free tasting and presentation

* Local organic selection: Eggs, Dates, Olives, Olive Oil

* Food stations:

-Al fume (hand carved salmon)- free tasting

-Homemade pies, Quiche

-Homemade Gazpacho, fruit ketchups