Premium Transfers
Comfort, Safety, Dignity - these are the key words once you are in for a premium class transfer... No description needed, our clientele do know it.
Helicopter transfers & Charters
Be the one to order not regular transfer, but the HELI!
Stretch - Limousines
Dubai is a city of Limos... Choose one for you - whether for a party or for business, there is always one Limo, dedicated specially for your case...
Business Executive
MERCEDES SPRINTER Business Class! - Best offer for Business issues and Premium meetings.
Regular transfer
Our regular transfers are carried with Toyota Previa Vans - most comfortable vehicle for any kind of economy class transportation
Speed up with a luxury roadster or cabrio
UAE Highways are really a wonder! Test it on a luxury drive - fleet range is endless amazing, from a classic Mercedes G63 to the last "flying" models of Bugatti, Aston Martin, Ferrari etc...